Gregory Dan Trescothik is a 26-year-old junior doctor who enjoys recycling, learning new languages and watching television. I am brave and gentle, but can also be very unfriendly and a bit greedy.

I am an Australian Christian who defines myself as straight. I have a post-graduate degree in medicine. I have a severe phobia of chickens

Physically, I am slightly overweight but otherwise in good shape.

I grew up in a working class neighbourhood. I like photography, so I normally take photos for my friend’s events, or take some random pictures of my city.

I am currently in a relationship with Bryn Gabriel Phillips. Bryn is 11 years older than me and works as a novelist.

My best friend is a junior doctor called Talia O’Brien. We are inseparable. I also hang around with Katrina Ellis and Abbi Kelly. We enjoy jigsaw puzzles together.